An ‘Understanding’ Filter

An ‘Understanding’ Filter

Many aspects of life are trusted to the point that little or no effort is put into understanding them. For example, lots of people trust their cars to provide transportation without understanding the details of automobiles. Furthermore, trust is ~effortless.

When trust breaks down or was never there, the need to understanding has more urgency. America’s trust in its national political processes is in shambles, suggesting the need for a more powerful technique to analyze the mess. The paper follows:

Civil engineering provides a framework for building bridges that last. “An Understanding Filter” creates a framework for evolving to world peace. Stopping bridge failures caused by willful destructions, such as dropping laser guided bombs on them, deserves consideration in assuring that bridges endure. Likewise: mitigating the relentless, vicious disruptions of social stabilities by sociopaths and psychopaths will be an integral part of achieving a lasting world peace.

The appendix on the sixth page of the paper has the web links to all the papers in my World Peace subdirectory.

Download  to print ten double-sided 2″ x 3.5″ cards with the ten elements of ‘Understanding’ on one side and a list of key files on the other. 1/29/2018:  Filter10+.pdf  now summarizes my experience in generating double-sided business cards.

1/9/2018: In I report that, as a state of the human mind, friendship(s) can be perfection.

4/28/2018: “Eludium” has been invented.  See:


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