Rules/Referees/Replays/ Rulebook – R4 – Justice

Rules/Referees/Replays/ Rulebook – R4 – Justice

Can justice be administered as fairly as competitive sports are refereed? Here’s the link to my one-page paper which advocates trying to go there:


Most American judges and lawyers who enjoy watching sporting events can grasp that clear, uniformly-enforced rules allow games to progress in a timely & enjoyable manner. If, instead, there were legal systems – rather than enforced rules – sporting events would be undisciplined, dangerous, interrupted, (i.e.: insane) wastes of time on un-level playing fields.

As the baby-step, let’s get the ball rolling on the Fair Written Contracts constitutional amendment; e.g.: our Supreme Court Justices could unanimously recommended the idea.

2021.10.08: Added

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