Enduring Learning

Enduring Learning

Mars, Moon, and Heaven aside… we need a frame-of-reference in order to comprehend where we’re trying to go while still on Earth; in an ethical sense: Which way is ‘up’?  The two-page document that follows includes my opening suggestions for a reference frame.

Wars demonstrate that many adults can be persuaded to ‘fight, rather than switch”. The American Civil War is a tragic example. Often the winners force, or attempt to force, unlearning on the losers; compelled unlearning is sometimes harsh. (At the personal level – being in prison includes a similar consequence.)

The title of the two-page document that follows reflects the need to do our best to teach children so they don’t have to unlearn later, concluding with my hunches about what to teach. The middle suggests a frame-of-reference for selecting course content, & for Earthly life itself. Proceed:

EnduringLearning.pdf version 0.2

Per the footnotes – the document is Public Domain. I invite any and every one of you to improve upon these ideas in the quest for World Peace. Any frame-of-reference that includes a shared understanding of “reasonable self restraint” (which applies uniformly to everyone) has at least a small chance of success.

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