Greed : Hurricane Analogy

Greed : Hurricane Analogy

Earlier today via email I introduced this one-page paper to the President of Yale: —————

In the /WorldPeace subdirectory of ‘FILES’ tab, you’ll find the attached document. The direct link there is:

Your humanities faculty could consider ways to strengthen, and/or clarify, and/or  improve the message. As noted therein, the .pdf is available for unrestricted dissemination. The copyright preserves my trademarks: The Philosophy Works® and logo art™; the logo art summarizes two of my enduring motivations.

Jeff Setterholm ‘68 —————-

The content of the .pdf referenced above, less my trademarks, I place below in this post as public domain, freely adaptable ideas & commentary:

“Greed”:”Hurricane” Analogy

Hurricanes are held together by extremely low air pressure in the eye of the storm; lower ‘eye’ air pressure sustains more violent hurricanes. Hurricanes are held together better by ‘less’.

Unquenchable personal greed is at the center of both historical and contemporary social cruelty & chaos. Humanity’s worst self-inflicted injuries arise when people with wealth & power abandon their self restraint. When greedy people, sociopaths, & ultra-competitors all come out of the closet at the same time, they perform a tail chase around an ethical vacuum, & the suffering of outsiders rarely disrupts the feeding frenzy.

Being unaware that a dimension of experience exists is the most profound form of ignorance, but is excusable.

Failing to fix an identified major cause of a valued system’s failure is living, breathing stupidity.


Thursday, November 12th, 2020. As an academic meta-strategy: Extirpate guile from intelligence, and then proceed intelligently.

Monday, November 23rd, 2020. How to proceed? The Rosetta Stone outline of a meta-philosophy is posted here . As noted therein, the document may be reproduced, in its entirety, without permission = a royalty-free textbook.

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